About Us

The concept at the back of the website online floated while observing the dire scenario of our beloved country while it being brutally used and abused by corrupt politicians, military generals, a bunch of pre-sold newshounds, the so called Talibans and forces which just want to critic rather than any good for the country.

The idea then turned into an online effort to centralize the educated citizens of Pakistan into one platform so that they could discuss a way to exchange the stereotypical way of managing a country like Pakistan. a country which has been ruled and operated by a supreme elite class for more than 6 decades, where the throne of the power or say crown changed heads between a few blessed families coming from industralists, landlords, capital investors or army men.

This challenge and platform is made for supporting most people in sharing their thoughts via – debating, commenting, discussing on beyond, present and future affairs of Pakistan. Baghawat platform empowers one common man to share his thoughts openly.

We consider in unity, people of Pakistan being united as a whole can only bring revolutionary change.

“United we Stand, Divided we fall.”

you can always give us your ideas on bringing new innovative things on board by emailing us.
Your suggestions can be highly appreciated.