Karachi Central Jail: 6300 Prisoners Living In Space of 2400

Many countries in the world are turning their prisons into rehabilitation centers from where criminals are turned into peaceful citizens of the state. Even culprit prisoners are allowed to read and enroll of annual exams so that their mind may change.

On the other hand Pakistani Jails are turning prisoners into criminals. Those prisoners who are not declared culprit and are still going through the trial are kept with target killers, drug smugglers and other known criminals.

Federal Minister of Human Rights visited Karachi Central Jail and revealed that in a jail with the capacity for 2,400 prisoners is being used for 6,300 inmates. From these prisoners only 353 are convicted while others are under trial.

Mayor of Karachi Waseem Akhtar was also held in Karachi Central Jail, he said that convicted prisoners have served their sentence but are still in jail because they don’t have enough cash to pay which was part of their judgment.

He said people are arrested on false charges and then given 16 year prisons for recovery of weapon, which wasn’t owned by him. He also highlighted the issue of over population in the central jail.

Jail Hospital:

There is a 25 bed hospital for the prisoner while the need is for 500 bed hospital. Other basic facilities are also not provided.


TV, Library, Gym and Art Gallery is also provided for the inmates. But the access to facilities is limited according to the classification of prisoner.

Classification of Prisoner:

The facilities and living conditions for prisoner is based on the nature of crime, education and classification of prisoner.

A, B, C are the classes for the prisoners, B is supposed to be a VIP treatment for prisoners are had a high lifestyle, while A is the VVIP treatment for those with reputed character and lifestyle.

Karachi Central Jail is house of 6,300 prisons yet there is no official website, no available social media page or any contact number.