Top 10 Pakistani Actors Who Refused To Work In Bollywood

The actors, comedians, musicians and artists from Pakistan and the people who belong to the other fields of entertainment work in India in past and then the trend grow with every other passing year. Many are the Pakistanis who work in India. These actors of Pakistan fee this art who have no boundaries and they are able to work anywhere who want Pakistan to tie in here with Pakistan. Some actors think to work in India to get the leap forward while proving them in Pakistan.
Every person thinks that actors of Pakistan refuse to work in Bollywood when they are offered projects and there is the list of all the Pakistani actors who have refused to work in Bollywood. This list has few reasons due to which they refused it.

1) Shan Shahid

shan shahid pak actor

Shan Shahid is on the top of the list as Shan is among the actors who refuse to work in the films of Bollywood as the offer does not sound good to them. There are many other actors like him who have refused to work in Bollywood. They refuse because they demand to work in good roles. He thinks in a totally different way. Shan is of the view that this Pakistani Industry must be good enough that people may come and work here in Pakistan. We have an example of Om Puri who has joined Pakistan industry by being a part of Actor in Law.
Shan Shahid thinks of the producers and directors who never gave Pakistanis those roles which they deserve to work in. they are given with positive roles which do not disregard them and also he was offered to work in Ghajini which has been a famous film of Amir Khan. He refused to it because he did not want to give his image as a negative role. He said that he lives in the hearts of people and he does not want to let them down.

2) Hamza Ali Abbasi

hamza ali abbasi

Most of people are not aware of this but he was being offered a role in the Bollywood film “Baby” which was then accepted by Meekal Zulfiqar after the refusal of Hamza Ali Abbasi to become a part of the film. He explained few reasons to the page of Facebook.
In an interview, Hamza Ali Abbasi cleared it that he does not want to be among the actors who wait for an offer from Bollywood. He said that he wants to stay in Pakistan and work for the films of Pakistan and its industry.
He said in an interview that he would prefer to work in his own film industry instead of Bollywood films. He respects all the actors like Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan who went to Bollywood and working in there and staying true to their roots. They want to develop professionalism and want o pay better than going across the border.
The relations between India and Pakistan grew worse with Hamza Ali Abbasi who urged Pakistan people to stop them from working in Bollywood.

3) Humayun Saeed

pak actor hamayun saeed

Humayun Saeed did not reject only one but he actually got too many offers from Bollywood producers. In a recent few years back, he was not sure about what he wants to do in his project of Bollywood and now he is very much sure about his work across the border as there are a lot of things to do here in Pakistan. In a recent interview, he said that he has no time for Bollywood but he has a lot of things to do here in Pakistan and for this industry. He has also given a statement which clearly indicates his refusal for the Bollywood films.

4) Faisal Qureshi

pak actor faisal qureshi

Faisal Qureshi offered about 2 to 3 films in Bollywood which was refused by him and this script was not good for him because he wanted to do it. He doesn’t want to disappoint his fans as he is among the actors who never wish to work in the Bollywood as he wants to work only with the good project where he can get a major role to play.
These actors talk about the work in abroad which is said in his interviews. He said that people make money here and by doing only one film in Bollywood pays you more than doing 10 films in here. People may think that the roles may be unexciting but things can change. It gives hope to a newcomer and if they mistreat and sideline the shows of India then they don’t like it anymore. It is the way they treat it badly or good. Talent of Pakistani actors has crossed the border.
There was a time when Faisal Qureshi was unhappy with the Pakistani media and he was very much obsessed with the stars of Bollywood. But now he is of the view that media is fascinated with the local industry.

5) Fahad Mustafa

pak fahad mustafa

Fahad Mustafa was offered a film in 2015 by Mahesh Bhatt. He is among the chat sessions which were not considered by the other and he has better offers in Pakistan. After that the films of Fahad Mustafa came out and he knew better about what people were saying. He never said anything to anyone he seemed quite happy with the work he is doing and the work he did with Pakistan. He did not want to go and work there.

6) Sanam Jung

sanam jung actress

Sanam Jung also exposed her offers from Bollywood in an interview but the reason to refuse those offers were that she was unable to do such bold scenes and it was the reason she could never become a part of Bollywood.
When she explained that she doesn’t want to do those bold scenes then they said that they will cheat those scenes and she said that even if you cheat people will only think negative about me so Bollywood is not accepted in that regard.
Some are restraints which cannot be compromised by Sanam Jung and she has put herself in those restraints which can never be crossed by her so Bollywood is not a choice fro her.

7) Fatima Effendi

pakistan actress fatima

Fatima Effendi did not agree on working in Bollywood due to some reasons and Sanam Jung refused to work in there. She revealed in an interview that Anees Bazmee praised her a drama and offered her to work for him in the film. After knowing the character and story of the film, she refused to sign it as she had to play some bold characters in the film.

8) Mehwish Hayat

mehwish hayat actress pakistan

Mehwish Hayat was offered a role in Bollywood film, “Jatt James Bond” and she refused such offer. Mehwish Hayat is not the only actor who is the legend of acting in Bollywood but she wants a good offer to work there.

9) Saba Qamar

saba qamar actress pakistan


Saba was offered with four film projects of Bollywood. Love AajKal and Delhi 6 was with the two of them. This beautiful girl was seen in “Yahan Pyar Nahi Hai” and she said no to every person.

10) Sajal Ali

pak actress sajal ali


She remained happy with the respect and fame she got and achieved her Pakistani shows which seemed to have no plans to do any of the Hindi film.

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