The Hidden Sex Industry And Massage Parlors In Pakistan Are On The Rise

Pakistan – a country that over the years has become home to many different nationalities is by constitution and idealism an Islamic Republic. The 1973 constitution salient feature gave Pakistan its official name.

While the West world skyrockets in science and technology, the progress made by such countries have not come without sacrifices. Science and leading nations both believe that for the growth of a state, the mental stability of its people is compulsory. One asks, how do the people of a country reach that state of mental satisfaction? Does it come through happiness or is it self-motivation?

Answer: It is the elimination of frustration from the mind. Every single type of frustration, which includes the sexual needs of a person.


Some of the leading nations of the world have dubbed prostitution legal in their countries due to the same reasons stated at the start of the article. These countries include New Zealand, which licensed brothels and proper laws and incentives for the workers. Other countries included in the list are: Australia, Bangladesh, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany and many more. The list also includes a Muslim country, which is Indonesia.

These countries believe that sex is a human need and people living the country that legalizes such practices have a right to pay for it. If a person fails to find a suitable partner in their surroundings, he/she can relieve their frustration by paying for the services at a brothel in terms of escorts or via call girls. These countries also cater different sorts of Massage Parlors.


escort services in pakistan

Originally derived from the Chinese disciples, massage parlors today have a stronghold around the world. Generally, massage parlors cater to the ancient technique of relaxing the body through various means.

However, over the years massage parlors around the world have changed the typical practice and trend and now provide different services that include offering full body massages along with “extra affairs for extra charges.”

The very famous concept of ‘Happy Endings‘ comes from these parlors. Once a masseuse is done with the formal procedure of a massage, she asks the customer if he is willing to have a ‘Happy Ending‘. This particular statement translates to “ejaculation via the masseuse”. Not only this, if you pay a little extra you can avail a complete sexual intercourse. Such parlors are most prominent in tourist countries like Thailand.


underground things in pakistan

Pakistan is not behind in this ordeal completely. In different leading cities of our country, massage parlors and brothels are not too hard to find especially if you’re a foreigner. Not only this, prostitution is easily available in smaller cities as well.

Numbers of pimps and aunties run small brothels that send call girls out for a particular period or a complete night.

The very famous Heera Mandi” or “Diamond Market” is a prime example of a running brothel. For decades, people from all over the country have visited the dark alleys of the neighborhood to watch ‘Mujras’ and witness such experiences.

With the conception of massage parlors, the old concept of prostitution has been overthrown especially for the elite. In Pakistan, there are a number of Chinese bordellos that operate as massage parlors or beauty salons. The main cause of prostitution in Pakistan is poverty.

Women in tough times are exploited by different monsters of the society. A local prostitute in Pakistan is able to earn Rs 2000-3,000 per day, which is exceptional when we compare the earnings to the average monthly income being 2000+ Rupees.


under-ground industry in pakistan

The most proper and famous way for these sex shops working under the hidden identity of beauty salons and massage parlors operate through ads sent on mobile phone numbers. These ads give away the address and the contact details to those who show interest.

The parlors would ask you to come and visit, select a girl, pay her charges and get the desired services. When you enter the premises, a girl usually opens the door for you. Once you enter, you will see the professional environment kept for such business. Professionalism is an utmost requirement due to police raids. If the police does raid, the parlor hoaxes it as a “strictly massage” place.

The word massage is basically just a cover up to run a sex shop legally. These parlors usually have good contacts and can handle tough situations or pay monthly “bhatta” to the police for their safety.


illegal works in pakistan

Even though a huge number of men in Pakistan depend on prostitution to fulfill their sexual needs through massage parlors or brothels, the question is that Should Prostitution be Legal in Pakistan? Question this to yourself while keeping in mind that our country is grounded on the roots of Islam.

What are your views? Should the government take strict action against such parlors and brothels or should things keep running the way they are?

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