Sheesha Cafes Are History, There’s A Chars Cafe In Quetta You Need To Know About

With an end to the Sheesha cafe culture in Pakistan, many thought that the youth is now free of all sensuous vices that are offered in public. In Quetta, Balochistan, there is a prompt one of its kind Charas cafe, where people can score all they want and smoke in the rooms made for the customers.

If you’ve never visited Quetta, well, there’s a huge reason to now. The cafe located on the Western Bypass serves everything a traveler or resident might need, including food, snacks, a shop, good tea, charas and a number of rooms where you could sit and relax. The cafe isn’t posh but imagine a place where you can score, sit and smoke hashish — without anyone or anything stopping you.

The ‘Koh-e-Daman Hotel, Pashtun Bagh’, is a local hot-spot. From lush, green and grassy sitting areas to personal rooms where you could have a good time. The hotel even has heaters to warm the customers up in winters. Right next to the line of rooms is a separate entrance, with tinted windows.

Inside that room stands one man and a number of customers there to score chars. The hashish packets range from Rs. 200 to 2000. Once you pay the guy, he goes to the back of the room, brings all the packets people are waiting to get and brings them out. Since the cafe’s charm is the chars itself, most people score and sit in the rooms made for customers. As you sit and smoke, you can order tea, food or any of the snacks, which includes Mustang’s famous cakes.

chars in quetta

On entering the cafe, you can see numerous groups sitting inside different rooms, all busy and occupied in one thing, which is either making or smoking chars. The environment is so friendly and welcoming that strangers would offer you to sit and join them for a cigarette (people do not smoke with rolling papers in Quetta).

As for why the police do not raid the cafe or why the excise police have never discovered the place, well, the question answers itself. Different vehicles of influential people can be seen parked outside the cafe as well, because everybody loves a good tea break. On asking one of the locals, he said:

“The reason why the excise or other police forces do not raid these cafes is because I believe they pay them good money to let them sell chars openly.  This cafe has been around for many years and we have never seen it closed.”

“Also, people in Balochistan, even in the province’s capital do not have many opportunities. This business serves as bread and butter for families of people who work here. Plus, what’s so wrong in smoking a ‘Bhari hui Cigarette or Double?” he said while laughing.”

Via Parhlo.